Day Care Service

At Riverbrook we offer a wonderful day care service 5 days a week, to people living with dementia who are living at home in the community.

Day Care Respite at Riverbrook begins at 9am, it facilities  our attendees in meeting others, and to get involved in the wide range of activities, sing, dance and of course share a cuppa with new friends. A three course lunch is also provided every day.

If you would like to apply to attend this wonderful service, the first step is to contact your Public Health Nurse. This is usually done through your GP.

Your Public Health Nurse will send a written referral to us. When we receive it, we will contact you to arrange an assessment of your needs.

Your assessment will be carried out at an agreed time and date, when you can come and have tour of Riverbrook, meet the staff and complete some relevant paper work.

Some services available through Day Care Respite at Riverbrook include

  • Physiotherapy
  • Hairdressing (both Ladies and Gents)
  • Chiropody
  • Jacuzzi Bath

Hopefully you will feel able to join us in some activities, during your visit. If you feel we are suited to your needs and you wish to attend, specific days for you to attend will be agreed.

Call us, We’d love to meet & show you around